The Most Expensive Divorce in History?

Oil Tycoon Worth $11.3 Billion Faces Record-Breaking Settlement After his Wife of 25 Years Files for Divorce Alleging he had an Affair

Daniel Jaffe was quoted in a March 22, 2013 article in the Daily Mail about the divorce of Harold and Sue Ann Hamm, which observers predict could be the most expensive divorce in history. Harold Hamm heads petroleum giant Continental Resources and has been ranked on Forbes’ global wealth list.

According to the article, the Hamms’ divorce is expected to break the $1.7 billion record set when media mogul Rupert Murdoch divorced his former wife Anna Murdoch. Jaffe, who represented Anna Murdoch in that case, noted that Sue Ann Hamm, who held a number of key positions at Continental, could “claim that a portion of her efforts went into making the company what it is today.”

“She was married to him when the value of the company went up,” he said. “She has got to be looking for a couple of billion dollars.”