Strategies for Effective Motion Practice in Family Law

Stephanie Barnett was invited by the Los Angeles County Bar Association to speak on a panel for its February 4, 2017 program “Strategies For Effective Motion Practice In Family Law.”

The outcome of certain motions can make or break your case. In this program, Stephanie joined prominent family law judges and other family law attorneys to discuss strategies for important motions in family law, among them the effective use of discovery motions and related issue and evidentiary sanctions, when and how to use motions for receivership or for joinder, and what motions can or should be considered after the court has ruled on an important matter. Her panel specially addressed effective post-order motion practice, including strategy and procedural issues relating to motions for reconsideration, for new trial, to set aside, and for equitable relief following a trial court order, as well as strategic considerations associated with statements of decision.