Divorce Taxation

In divorce, the end of the marriage is not the only painful issue. The divorce of a high net worth couple can also trigger a huge tax burden if not handled correctly.

The division of a large and complex community property estate demands specialized knowledge in the field of divorce taxation. Jaffe and Clemens brings a wealth of knowledge and skill when it comes to navigating the highly complicated provisions of the tax codes. Prudent tax planning can help avoid or minimize taxes and maximize the value of the assets to be retained by the respective spouses. Drawing upon its expertise in the tax laws affecting divorcing spouses, and working with top accountants when appropriate, Jaffe and Clemens always explores solutions that will optimize its clients’ outcomes.

The tax impact of spousal support poses its own set of complex issues. The attorneys and accounting staff of Jaffe and Clemens know how to capture the most advantageous tax benefits for both the supporting spouse and the supported spouse.